Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting Around St. Louis

What's the best time to wake up after being awoken for more than 18 hours and going to sleep at 12AM? Well most people will probably go for an eight hours sleep, but we are not most people. Our cohort decided to wake up at 6:30AM to try out the Charles F. Knight Center fitness center. There we workout for about an hour that took away all my morning yawns and revived my stiff muscles.  By 8:30AM we were ready to start the fantastic day by kick starting it at the hotel's continental breakfast buffet.

The WashU tour started with a very informative admissions information session, which answered every question I could possibly render. Then we moved on to the actual tour of the school. The first words that came to my mind as we walk from building to building was medieval. This is simple because every building was made from bricks and had a castle like structure.  Our tour guide, Elizabeth Chen, was filled with tons of energy--most likely because of coffee, which was mentioned a bit too much--and knowledge. I felt that she was just repeating what the admission information session covered, which seemed redundant. One thing that everyone from WashU recommended was to visit the zoo because of the newborn elephant.

One Of Many Animals We Saw
By 3:00PM we were  at the zoo ready to see this baby elephant. It took awhile to actually find the elephant exhibit, but as we searched we saw many magnificient animals. We searched for nearly an hour with no sign of elephants near by. "Look daddy, it's the baby elephant," a little girl screamed. At that sound, we rushed around the corner to see if it was true. Mission complete, we saw the baby elephant.

The Elephants!!!
Dinner at Tony's was just the best. The waiter was friendly, but not to friendly. The food was the best of everything I ever had. What that means was that the shrimp I had was the best shrimp I ever had and the steak I had was the best ever had and the list keeps going on. Not only was the food perfect, but we all connected even more. We left Tony's with enough time left in the night to get to see the Gateway Arch. The fun has and now I just can't wait for tomorrow.
The Best Steak Ever

The Chocolate And Coconut Dessert

The Gateway Arch

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