Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Day To Remeber

After a  long Monday , my cohort and I decided to wake up at six to go exercise at the hotel gym, to kick the trip off rather "right".Rather ambitious? Well after our work out, we headed to get a bite to eat and off we went to the information session, were we were greeted by Elise and Jacob. Then we learned all about the school in regards to admission requirements , financial assistance, and fun things to do in spare time .

Following the information session , there was a tour of the whole campus with explanations of all building and  things that go on in the campus. Our tour guide was actually from the bay , so she actually shared a few stories of why she choose WashU over CAL.This tour really made me more interested in WashU ,and especially after that informative session. We entered one of the dormitories and discovered that the mattresses were tempurpedic! This put me in awe , because I have been dreading one for years. After the tours all that was left for the day was two interview one for Alysa and Clara. All the time spent here at WashU has been productive in that I am liking the school more and more as I spend time here.

The rest of the day was too be spent at the zoo which is literally 10 minutes away! Also there was another amazing perk, It was free! We spent about two hours in the hot sun observing many animals we had never seen before. The favorite part of being in the zoo was the mist spray machines , which seemed to be there whenever I was in need of one, which.. was nearly every 5 minutes.

The night was young and the baddest teenagers in St. Louis were yet to be out. We were getting dressed in our best suits and dresses and heading out to Tony's. The hardest part about eating at Tony's was actually finding the place.On the way we actually had an up close view of the Gateway arch, which is the nations tallest monument at 630 ft.Secluded and with only a tiny sign , we finally made our way through two sets of doors which made it seem as if it was secluded for a reason. As usual I was unable to read most things on the menu but the things I could, had already caught my attention.The food was very good and this time I actually ventured outside of my comfort zone.
                                                               The Gateway Arch

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