Saturday, April 21, 2012

Twin Lakes

Today was my first time hiking to Twin Lakes and I was incredibly excited to see how the trail would stand up to praise it had received from my family and friends. As I trudged down the path, the birds chirped cheerfully and the flowers seemed to welcome us into their beautiful lair. I was amazed at the diversity of plants I saw and could not help but stop and take pictures of them.  Not only did I snap shots of the plant life, but of the incredible mountains, lakes, and meadows that I had a chance to see.

Wild Tiger Lily
My favorite part of the hike was capturing the scenery of the Sierra Mountains.  Although I do not have a camera of my own, my brother generously allowed me to borrow his digital camera for the day.  We traveled up and down hills, through meadows and valleys, and swam to the miniature island within the lake.  I must have stopped every five minutes or so to pull out the camera that was hanging around my neck and crouch down to try out my artistic skills on the nearest flower to catch my eye.  For long distance shots, I practiced changing around the lighting on the camera since the sunlight was bouncing off of everything it touched.

Twin Lakes

Besides the flowers, I was able to capture a great number of shots of the lakes.  Twin Lakes in itself explains that the hike leads to identical lakes that are overwhelmingly beautiful.  On this sunny day, the water sparkled in the light and the sun warmed my body after I swam to the island within the lake.  The space was gentle, and I appreciated the calamity and grace of the nature around me.  Most of all, I loved the moment when I felt myself completely relaxing.  

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