Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Beautiful Day for Blogging

The sun was shining brightly when I pulled into the Hercules High School parking lot this morning.  I found my way to room 106, and was surprised to find many El Cerrito High School students already there.  Sitting next to someone I didn't know was going to be harder than I anticipated.  

I sat towards the back, and thankfully my chair was connected to my desk, for I was soon hit with an amazing amount of information, including blogging, photo editing, and laundry.  I am a novice at all these things,  though I have done my laundry before. However, I don't think my past strategy of throwing everything in the same load and hoping for the best will cut it at Penn.  

During our short break, I got the chance to mingle with a few of the students I hadn't met before.  Almost automatically, all the girls gathered together and we got to chat for a bit while the guys all sat on the other side of the room.  I was again reminded what an accomplishment it is to be an ILCer, and I was very impressed with all the new people I met.  I also got the chance to meet my chaperone again, this time in a much more casual setting.  Chatting in a computer lab is definitely more relaxing than being interviewed. 

All in all, the tutorial was incredibly informative and fun.  I learned a ton, and every second just brought me more excitement about my summer at Penn.  I really just can't wait any longer!

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