Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I remember hearing about the ILC years ago when I was a freshman in high school. I was too young to actually join the ILC , but my parents started to prep me for it in advance.By my association with Andrew Gonzales, who attended the ILC two years before me, prepared me as well. Andrew didn't know much about the program until my uncle(Ronald Bolden) brought it to his attention. Andrew took the opportunity and was selected for the program. The next thing that I experienced through Andrew was that there were essays to be written followed by interviews if selected. I wasn't surprised that Andrew was selected tome very excited because that could be me my sophomore year , which was approaching.

When Andrew returned from Cornell, I saw a lot of pictures, while he shared his experience with me. I became very excited at the possible opportunity to be a participant of this program , as I to wanted to have that same experience.

As the time came around my sophomore year, I wasn't selected . I was disappointed , however, I knew that I had one more year to apply. In preparation for this year, I knew that my grades had to be maintained so I would be selected. Andrew's second year he attended Brown University , going through the same process ,of essay's followed  by interviews. I noticed that  more students that I knew were being accepted.It was very ironic that , the people being accepted from my school , were all on the Speech and debate team, which I am also apart of.

When Andrew came back from Brown , I received a lot of information of how Brown was , along with a comparison of the two campuses . I was really appreciative to have been able to be in the ILC vicariously through Andrew. Now that his time was done with the ILC , it was time for me to join.

When my Junior year started I was well prepared for the ILC. When it came time to apply , I was one of the ones selected! This was a big confidence booster and made me very happy. The meeting with Don Gosney was very intriguing , and was similar to the things that Andrew told  me about.

The next thing I knew, I was in my room writing my and then  ripping up papers. I was going to try Physics and biotechnology. When I got my final copies , I submitted them and waited anxiously.

Soon after , I received an email of the students who were going to be interviewed. I was on the list! I was very happy once again. A few days later , I found myself in a suit heading to El Cerrito high school for my interview. The process was tedious as it was a long process waiting for your turn. There were 8 students in a room shaking while they waited for their turn. Each of them came back with a frown saying they did bad. While waiting your turn  you automatically think your going to do bad, because of the reactions of your peers.

When it was my turn to interview, the questions other than  physics were easily answered. That is the main reason I think I was not accepted into the Physics and Biotechnology program. 

I decided that I was going to persevere even though I was not accepted into the programs that I really wanted. With the help of Don Gosney , I decided to write an essay for Presidential Powers. I was accepted , and my confidence was boosted, because I knew what to expect from the interviews. Sad to say, I didn't make it, but I was glad that my close friends did. When you think you want to give up, that's when you need to persevere. I learned this when I decided to apply for the last possible program , which was Social Justice. I was accepted to go to the next level which was the interview. I thought my interview went well , and I was right. I was so elated to  hear my name come out as one of the selected students. This was the start to a long journey.

A lot of  papers were signed, introductions to city counsel members, and attending school board meetings , were all apart of the process. 

I was so glad that I was able to be one of blessed recipients of this lovely program. I  experienced a lot of things that I would not have otherwise been exposed to. I want to thank everyone that is apart of this wonderful program.Thank you  Don Gosney for providing all the things that we needed,such as valuable  information, as well as the equipment for a month long stay. Also being so dedicated to the program and most of all, our futures. Also thank you Mr. Charles Ramsey for staying on me when I became a little lazy, and also wanting what is best for me and my  future. I can not thank everyone individually , but everyone that has contributed towards the ILC,  thank you because you have played a big part in my life recently and has been a huge eye opener to what I want for my future. I know now what to expect at a higher level of education and what it takes to succeed. Discipline , focus, determination , and perseverance are all keys to be successful in any en-devour I embark upon. Thank you ILC.

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