Saturday, May 5, 2012

New People, New Food, and New Memories

The day at school hadn't been my best, and to add to that, I was really nervous about the arrival of our beginning. The first dinner was that day, May 1, and it was for PENN. I left school a half and hour early to make sure I had enough time to get ready. I was dressed and ready as was my father who was accompanying me. I suppose that due to the nerves I completely disregarded the Bart station we were supposed to meet at, and we ended up going to the wrong one. That, of course is no excuse, but everything worked out in the end after a phone call from Don. We got on Bart and we were all then on our way. Riding Bart is something new for me, so it was a bit fascinating. It took a couple of minutes, and then there we were four to a taxi on our way to the restaurant.

I was incredibly surprised when I stepped inside the restaurant. If you would have been driving past it, it might seem quite mundane. Inside it was very nice. We were greeted by a lady who offered to take our coats, then we were sent into our private dinning room. Once we were seated the night officially began. Every speaker had something different to say, yet it all had shared one theme. "You can do it."

The food was quite a surprise, a really good surprise. We were offered three different choices for our first meal, four for our second, and two for our dessert. I ordered the crab salad, the salmon, and the sorbet. Everything was wonderful, every appetizer, every meal, and the service.


                                                          The Crab Salad  
                                                         The Sorbet

I was having a a great time, but the night couldn't go on forever. Before I knew it I was back in my room, dreaming about my trip in the summer.

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